On this website you will find thousands of screenplays for movies and TV shows. My goal is to create a useful educational resource for screenwriters - reading screenplays is a great way to learn from more experienced peers. It's also a fun and fascinating way to look "behind the scenes" of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Sorting Screenplays

Sorting screenplays by "Best" sorts them by IMDB rating, sorting by "Popular" sorts by the total number of IMDB votes, sorting by "New" sorts them by release year.

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Legal and Copyright

All the scripts posted here are already freely available online, I'm just creating a convenient way for people to search and browse them. All sripts are shared for free, under Fair Use, for educational purposes only.

If your work appears on our website and you'd like it taken down, please reach out to us: legal@screenplays.io. We always respond to take down requests, and honor them promptly.


Feel free to reach out if you have any thoughts, ideas, or feedback about this project, or just want to chat for any reason!