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Bodyguard Screenplay

A contemporary thriller featuring the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London's Metropolitan Police Service.

Bodyguard 101: Episode 1.1

After rescuing a train from a suicide bomber, a Scottish Afghanistan War vet is assigned to protect the UK Home Secretary.

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Bodyguard 102: Episode 1.2

A terrorist attack targets a public school, and an unhappy sniper opens up on Home Secretary Montague.

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Bodyguard 103: Episode 1.3

As the capital shudders in the wake of the recent attacks, Specialist Protection Officer PS David Budd is under more pressure than ever to keep the Home Secretary Julia Montague safe.

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Bodyguard 104: Episode 1.4

The events of the night before play out for Home Secretary Julia Montague and her Specialist Protection Officer David Budd.

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Bodyguard 105: Episode 1.5

David's theories about a conspiracy at the heart of government look increasingly plausible, but concerns about David's psychological health are raised, and allegations about his and Julia's

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Bodyguard 106: Episode 1.6

David awakens to find himself bloodied and the planned fall guy in a corruption

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