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D.C. Screenplay

In Washington, D.C. Mason Scott is a young man fresh out of college who has dreamed that he can make a difference in this world of questionable morality. He is best friends and roommates with Pete Komisky, a lobbyist who sees the filth and corruption in D.C. for what it is, and doesn't think it will be cleaned up anytime soon. But one day they are joined in their brownstone house by Mason's twin sister, Finley Scott, who had dropped out of graduate school for the adventure of Washington. Rounding out their semi-happy home is Lewis Freeman, a Supreme Court clerk, and his girlfriend Sarah Logan, a junior field producer for a local cable news station searching for a story. And Sarah seems to get when when Mason sees the dirt that D.C. really is when he gets fired from his job after his superior takes credit for his work, and ruins a business deal and then places the blame of Mason for it.

D.C. 101: Pilot

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