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Friday Night Lights Screenplay

Follows the lives of the Dillon Panthers, one of the nation's best high school football teams, and their head coach Eric Taylor.

Friday Night Lights 101: Pilot

New head coach Eric Taylor finds his every move scrutinized as he takes over leadership of Texas's No. 1 high school football team.

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Friday Night Lights 102: Eyes Wide Open

With Jason seriously injured, Matt must step up and become the team's first-string quarterback.

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Friday Night Lights 103: Wind Sprints

The Panthers suffer a humiliating loss. Lyla tries to help Jason believe that he will walk again.

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Friday Night Lights 104: Who's Your Daddy

Coach Taylor deals with outside influences on who to start at quarterback, with the biggest game of the year coming up against their rivals, who have taken it upon themselves to raise the bar by trashing the Panthers' locker room.

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Friday Night Lights 105: Git'er Done

While only two days away from their next game, Coach Taylor still doesn't know who to start at quarterback, and Jason still doesn't know that his best friend is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend.

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Friday Night Lights 110: It's Different for Girls

While everyone is focused on the cheerleaders, who have an upcoming competition, they focus on giving Lyla a hard time. Smash begins to show signs of steroid abuse, and Coach Taylor finds another way to occupy his starting quarterback in an effort to squash Matt's efforts with the coach's daughter.

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Friday Night Lights 202: Bad Ideas

Eric and Tammi's separation takes its toll; Landry and Tyra become closer while Matt and Julie drift apart meanwhile the Panthers gear up for a new season.

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Friday Night Lights 204: Backfire

Eric quits his college coaching job to return home to his family and the Panthers, but the latter doesn't look very promising when the old coach fights his termination after only two games. Tim accompanies Jason to Mexico where a questionable medical procedure gives Jason hopes of walking again.

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