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Inside No. 9 Screenplay

Anthology series which mixes dark humor with genres like crime, horror or drama. The show invites viewers into some very different No.9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre.
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Inside No. 9 101: Sardines

A family team-building game of sardines (similar to hide and seek) in a rural country mansion leads to a dark and sinister discovery.

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Inside No. 9 102: A Quiet Night In

A couple of silent bungling burglars try to steal a painting from a luxury home at the same time as the owner and his "missus" are having a serious fight.

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Inside No. 9 202: The 12 Days of Christine

When Christine brings a man home from a costume party, her life begins to unravel. Her happiness slowly turns to sorrow.

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Inside No. 9 302: The Bill

A group of friends go out for tapas after a day of golfing; but tempers escalate quickly when they can't agree on how to settle the bill. Who will pay the ultimate price?

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Inside No. 9 401: Zanzibar

Strangely-farcical goings-on are in store for a group of unwitting guests, who have all booked adjoining rooms on the ninth floor of the Zanzibar hotel in London.

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