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Scandal Screenplay

A former White House Communications Director starts her own crisis management firm only to realize her clients are not the only ones with secrets.
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Scandal 202: The Other Woman

Olivia and her team must do some heavy lifting -- literally.

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Scandal 206: Spies Like Us

Olivia receives a coded warning that could expose Huck's past.

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Scandal 210: One for the Dog

Olivia and Cyrus gets word that Fitz is awake. So they go to the hospital and see he's still in a coma. Mellie was the one who spread the word that Fitz is awake to stop Hollis and Langston from making a move on the Presidency. So they try to keep the thing a secret. David is present when Huck who is being held under the Patriot Act and being tortured. When he learns the President is still alive he tells David the President is still in danger. So David goes to Olivia to try and get Huck released. She does and she asks him to help find the one who tried to kill the President.

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