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Comedy series following a tight-knit family from the west Dublin suburbs.
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The Walshes 101: Doctor Burger

Dominant Carmel and prankster Tony are the parents of thick Rory - who has not told them he has lost his job - and sensible Ciara, who both still live at home. Ciara has been delaying the visit by her shy nerdy boyfriend Graham to meet her parents and when he arrives Tony begins by pretending that he and his friend Martin are a gay couple before accidentally punching Graham. Graham works for Doctor Burger fast food chain but Tony wrongly believes he is a medic and shows him his bottom, which is giving him trouble. During dinner the dog eats the flowers Graham has brought and Tony insists that he and Ciara leave by nine as he wants to watch 'The Goose' on television. No wonder Ciara wants to leave home.

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