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Weird City Screenplay

A Twilight Zone-esque look at the life and people living in a futuristic city where the haves and the have nots are strictly separated by a wall.
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Weird City 101: The One

In the not-too-distant future of Weird City, Stu and Burt discover that dating is not what it used to be, and love can be found in the most unexpected places.

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Weird City 102: A Family

Kicked out of his Pomegranate Electrolyte Juice addiction support group and fired from his job, failure Tawny (Michael Cera) joins ShapeCult gym hoping to find the acceptance he so desperately needs. Unfortunately, his psychotic obsession with approval puts him at odds with his gym trainer Delt (Rosario Dawson).

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Weird City 106: Below

Best friends Glail and Charlotta, the protagonists of a hit show called "Below" about two tough female criminals, become self-aware and realize they're trapped in their own show.

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